Snow – by Orhan Pamuk

I am an enthusiastic book collector, and part of my book collection consists of first editions.

A few of my first editions are rare, one or two are first editions signed by the author, for instance “Snow” by Orhan Pamuk is a first edition which was signed by him in America.  I loved the book, the writer, the translation, the atmosphere and everything about “Snow”, and I was thrilled to get this first edition, which I have treasured for a few years.

I have another first edition written by a friend, Jonathan Bloch, in collaboration with others, and I have had that one for about twenty years or more. Every now and then I take it out, look at it, and return it to its shelf.  Recently, when looking it up on the internet, I discovered that the political information and conspiracies it contained were so important that it is on the reading list of the CIA, or was it the FBI, in the United States.  I was so proud.  Of course, this one is not a novel, but once I get started talking about my books, there’s no stopping me!

I have far too many unread books, saved for when I retire.  When I was a solicitor, I hardly had time to breathe, let alone read novels.  Now that I am over 70 I realize I will never read all my books, and that when I amalgamated my book collection with that of my partner, a spot of judicious weeding out is required.


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